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Concert trips.

Imagine your favorite music band has a World Tour but isn’t coming to visit your country… what a shame! But there is a good option we can offer: tourist trip including the show of your favorite music star!EVENTBYFRIEND suggest to combine the concert with an exciting adventure in another country where your idol performs.You can enjoy the sightseeing in the daytime and rock at the show in the night. This could be a perfect surprise idea for someone special too. We are happy to help and arrange an entire trip!


Pop Stars concerts.

One of our major areas is arranging events with pop stars. EVENTBYFRIEND has a rich experience and good amicable relationship with variety of celebrities. It gives us great opportunities to offer you enormous number of options – from small private party to a huge celebration including the world names. We can take care of just some part of your event or manage the complete full service occasion.


PR events.

Every company from small to big need to express themselves from time to time so they would earn a good reputation and promote themselves. EVENTBYFRIEND arrange three types of PR events:

TRADE EVENTS are aimed at finding new business partners for your company. It could be reception, forum, presentation and other similar events where you can present your products.

CORPORATE EVENTS, such as parties and outdoor activities with your colleagues, are targeted at team building effect within your company.

SPECIAL EVENTS, for instance the award ceremony of festival,will help to improve your company’s positive image and reputation.

Any PR event has a bigentertainment constituent and needs a professional planning. We will coordinate and manage every vendor involved to execute your PR event flawlessly.

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